It all started with a flick of a page…



I’d like to welcome you to my blog. As a recent college graduate, well as recent as last spring at least I’ve been on the pursuit of my passion and life-long dream to become an author. I interned/worked/published for some great magazines my last year of college with the hopes of jumping headfirst into the writing/publishing industry, and found the post-college grad world full of far more competition and even smaller opportunities than I imagined.

While I won’t disclose every personal detail on here, I often get asked like many grads “What am I doing now?” With a degree in English with a professional writing concentration, “What are you doing with that?”  “Where will you go from here?” Well while I haven’t made my mark on the world just yet with my astounding stories, I am assisting people in hospitals with government assistance programs in hospitals and like many writers I’m sure, writing in my spare time.

However; my dreams are far and wide and I’m determined in my pursuits to travel and make the world of writing a full time endeavor for me, I’m just exploring the outlets in the meantime getting there. Grad school is an option I’m looking into, as well as something as spontaneous as just looking into a new change in venue and leaving Texas behind altogether. If you know anything about writing, Texas isn’t the best market for those aspiring in the field.

I’m hoping this blog will be able to reach those in my age, in college, or even older as you journey with me through this astounding journey I call my life and the dream I plan to make my reality in reaching Young Adult audiences with the experiences I have had in life to help strengthen, encourage, advise, and give them something to look forward to..hold on to when their world gets a little bit darker and spins of it’s axis as so often happens when we grow up.

Whether you’re reading this out of boredom, support, or sheer curiosity, I intend to share my life with others through the words on a page, happy to have you along for the ride.


Desiree Johnson