Through it..Inspiration



I recently took a trip back to my hometown in which I got to spend time with my family friends, being that my trips back to my home are far and few between, here’s a few little tidbits for those who wonder why this is so relevant.

I have had the same stylist since I was 16 years old, I will literally take a day to go home just to do my hair, she’s like a mentor and has seen me through many trials, never doubt the power of something as simple as getting your cut for an hour…so therapeutic for me.

I’ve been told before I have a lot of best friends, but I like to counteract that with I don’t have a lot of best friends I STILL have some of the same best friends from my childhood and have added on to that since becoming an adult..

^^ I say this because I always see my 2 best-est friends when I go home, whether for an hour or a day they are some of the first people I go to see besides my mom. They are such beautiful individuals I couldn’t picture some of the highest and lowest points of my life without them being right beside me. & they haven’t skipped a beat, we can literally go months without talking or seeing each other, spend a day together and it feels like we haven’t missed a beat.

Moments, precious time like this is valuable to me as a writer,someone looking to inspire others and be inspired. What inspires everyone is different, but I adore what and who inspires me, it’s something I hold in reverence to treasure, and it’s mine to keep.

As a writer who is writing primarily based on my life experiences and relationships in a fictional perspective, much of how I write depends on a certain feeling, it’s kind of indescribable to be honest, but it’s like feeling an itch I can’t scratch..a current of electricity moving through my brain. Being around people who inspire that feeling in me makes me have a deeper connection with them because I value them so much more in my life.

Books, Music, Art, Quotes, Scenery…even something as simple as talking a walk inspire me…but while it all may seem like everything and anything, it’s very distinct, detailed aspects and it’s a like taking a picture…in the moment it’s there, present and real..and with the click of a button it’s gone.

My in progress books relies heavily on the experience I had growing up with these people and being home always puts that in perspective for me. Sharing laughs, memories, and dreams of our future while being able to look back at our past helps me remember what I found so inspirational to even fathom sharing the stories with world in the first place.


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