Where there’s a WILL there’s a way..where there is a way…


So I’m finding myself quite busy this March! I had a epiphany a bit ago about my life and where it was going and decided to take a turn for the positive and work on living in the NOW instead of waiting to live in the FUTURE. As a writer until you get your big break depending on what type of writer you are, in my case it would be getting a major publishing deal after I finish my book, in the mean time I try to make the most of the same question I find myself hearing from others and within myself..so what do you do in the meantime? till you’re the next Stephanie Myer or J.K. Rowling, who mind you had their “big breaks” as women already with families.

I told myself well, while I have my full-time job I will be active in the pursuit of finishing my book and publishing short stories. Much easier said than done, in college it was hard to find the time to write something that wasn’t a mandatory term paper or essay, and as an English major..well there was more than enough of that to go around. As a recent graduate now with a full-time job, the problem is trying to find the energy to sit down and write after my workday, while getting a work-out in, trying to have a social life, and catch one of my favorite shows on T.V., before my bedtime. I say “bedtime” because as a young “adult” staying up past 11 is not conducive to my 6am wake up call.

Clearly as you can tell my hours are limited in the day, but one cannot finish a book much less work on my craft without writing habitually. Nicholas Sparks writes 8 hours a day! But then again he’s a best-selling author with movie deals and a long list of best-selling books, he has the luxury as his job to spend the entire day doing so. Instead I took a smaller approach, calling upon my inner busy bee and pursued the art of interning again. I had 3 writing internships in college 2 unpaid and 1 paid, but it helped build my skill set and my resume.

I am now proud to say I have 2 virtual editorial internships with Limerence Magazine as a film columnist and Lela Media Inc. writing lifestyle pieces for teens. I enjoy the task of having a deadline and being forced to sit down and write, not only will it allow me to get my feet wet again with my audience but transition into spending more time writing on my book. You make the time for things you want, and I still have boundless things to learn, your never too old to get back on the bicycle, sometimes it just needs a little oil to get going again!


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