Columbia College Chicago- LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE



So I decided to start blogging my travels, adventures, and experiences here in Chicago! This is a very new, big chapter in my life and even though I can share as much as I can through my Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it just doesn’t do the experience full justice!

Today is my second day here in the windy city and I am very happy and tired from a long day at graduate student coffee hour and new student convocation. The school hosted a large party essentially for the undergrads out in Grant Park full of free swag and food, which naturally us college students flocked towards like bees to honey. The weather was extremely humid which reminded of dear old San Antonio, so it was a nice sweaty mid-morning.  I cannot tell you how diverse this campus is from the majors to student body it’s very culturally and racially diverse. This is comforting to me since I’m bi-racial so It’s not just one demographic that is represented not mention this an ARTS school so you have people very free with expressing themselves in their dress and appearance. I don’t think Iv’e ever seen so many LOUD shades of Hair Color, piercings, and tattoos, which was refreshing to see people so free and comfortable with themselves.

Most of you don’t know too much about my school, so to sum it up I call it a place for dreamers. The alumni here are illustrious and diverse, ranging from comedians, award winning writers, composers, fashion designers, screen writers, film makers. gaming/design to name a few. It was a dream school for me and one I honestly didn’t think I would get into too. The fact I made it not only to grad school but one as amazing as this just leaves me breathless. I spent two years between undergrad and now so I’m itching to learn and grow as a writer. I found out today my MFA program consist of TWELVE PEOPLE!!!! I was floored to be 1 of 12 people accepted here. Not only that but I am the only Young Adult Fiction Writer..so I have “No Competition” as my colleague said, but in my eyes that means I will be working that much harder to get my peers to know, respect, and evaluate my work.

It’s a little scary and comforting at the same time that we are very small, most MFA programs are small, but these will be my judges, jurors. and editors over the next three years. My book–in progress is not only highly personal. but like any artist knows a large body of work is something you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into so the re-writing and evaluation process can be a bit daunting. But I’m one of twelve and this school is amazing so I’m earnest in knowing when this is over I will have produced the best body of work possible.

I’ll keep you posted and even post some excerpts as I go on in class, I can’t wait to see what adventures await me in the city of Chicago!