Never Say Never

How quickly Fall is flying by here in Chicago! It’s beautifully breathtaking though, that’s one thing I can say Texas doesn’t have here, a gorgeous Fall season filled with Autumn leaves of every shape,size, and color cascading themselves everywhere!

Nearing the middle semester of grad school so far and I’m making great progress on my book, I’ve even started several chapters for the end of it, I could very well have the majority of it done by December! Then comes revision, revision. revision.

We had to do plot maps in my Young Adult Fiction class and it was pretty cool visually to see where your story is headed, and since I’ve known for a while now where my story is going it wasn’t hard mapping it all out, I’ll post it eventually when I’m done.

Me and my Co-Hort have been doing many activities together for this month, movies, Haunted Houses, were a pretty great group, a little mini family of writers. It’s very nice to have this group of people who get to know and understand you through your writing, who can give constructive criticism and advice, our journey together the next two year’s will be a fun one I know! Here’s about half of our 11 below:


I recently discovered a new short story non-fiction author I’ve come to love named Junot Diaz who I got to present to my Co-Hort as part of exploration on choosing to explore the life, writing styles,and, structure of a short story author of our choice. I chose him specifically because he integrates Spanish into his text pretty effortlessly which is something I really have been trying to do with my novel. Besides that he is of Dominican Republic origin and I thought it would be a great opportunity to expose my classmates to Spanish since I’m the only one in my class, and I’m a halfie at that! My wonderful mother and roomie helped me out with translation and the media side of the project, if you want to check out the brief bio I did on Junot Diaz here it is below:

Every Sunday I have started looking up new places in Chicago to explore for my studying, helping to expose myself to different people and to get away from my dorm which can drive me crazy sometimes. It’s hard to focus on studying or writing when you desk, bedroom, and bathroom are all in 5 steps walking distance of each other. Besides that I like to explore and see new places and have come across the prettiest places in the process.

This is the Chicano Cultural Center that is free here in Chicago, it has a lot of different art pieces from various artists, but the building itself is awesome!


This is a park I uncovered on my way to a coffee shop in Lincoln Park Sunday afternoon, it’s called “Oz Park”


It’s not yet quite winter here, but I heard it’s coming soon! I’m so excited because some of my favorite holiday’s are coming up! (cough cough Christmas) which begins in November as far as I’m concerned lol I’m going to try to explore as much as I can before Winter keeps me more indoors, though I’ll be home for about a month in Texas so Dec/Jan I’m coming for you!

Sugar Cane Kisses: Gone Girl


It’s not very often a movie can compound that perfect mix of thrill, mystery, and the vantage points of the female/male perspective to really grip you from start to finish. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl did just that. It was so amazing that I just had to blog about it because I am in awe of Gillian Flynn and not only did she write this book, but she also wrote the screenplay for the film literally putting herself front and center for the creation of her own movie (a writer’s dream).


The story is about Nick Dunne, a husband who falls under media suspicion after the disappearance of his wife Amy. The movie takes the audience through the twists, turns, and media scrutiny Nick inevitably goes through as we are trying to decipher what really happened to Amy, and if he is indeed guilty. If you read the book beforehand, you know you’re in for a story full of so many twists, turns, and plot twists you can’t help but reflect on the ideals of marriage,gender roles, and media in America! Check it out! Read the book!

“I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake..shake it OFF”

Well two weeks into 24 and it’s been over a month living here in Chicago and were passing the visitor era into I’m getting a bit more comfortable in the city now. Chicago and San Antonio are like day/night in every way, I find myself looking for familiar traces of home sometimes because being here feel so foreign to me.


1. I never ate WHATABURGER except for in drunken escapades with the girls, but I wish we had them here

2. There is definitely no H-E-B, and Wal-Marts are in the suburbs which I’m sure I’ll venture to eventually

3. There is no GREEK Life, which can be viewed as a blessing in disguise because I know I would be itching to help out my sisters and support them in events if we had them here. But being that Greek Life and all it encompasses took up the better part of 5 years of my life in SA from my friends, to love interests and my social life, it’s challenging to be void of it

4. Living in a dorm has stripped me of many natural freedoms I took for granted in SA like my own kitchen, privacy, Alcohol (were a dry campus so even being 24 I can’t have it), and oh yes being without crazy, loud Freshman—> thank god my roommate though a Freshman is quite mature and we mesh well

5. Driving. I miss driving… Not because I don’t LOVE the glories of walking (which Chris, Christina, and Alyssa) can tell you exhausts you in doing even the most miniscule things here in Chicago. Because it’s not public transportation(though this does come out of our tuition/fees) so I’m paid for as a student. I just miss being in my own car, listening to the radio and cruising


P.S> I remind my Chicagoans on a weekly basis of the epicness that is Texas!

Okay….now on to the next. I’m happy to report I’ve finally done productive writing and have a few noteworthy pieces I felt really good about so I’m making progress there. Me and my Co-Hort (my 10 classmates) have been meshing really well and doing activities to get to know each other better.

One of the key things to being able to understand someones writing,especially in the environment were in where were constantly critiquing each other, you need to have a good sense of the writer as a person so the writing makes sense. So were bonding..yayyy!

I joined a boxing gym–I used to box in S.A. and I <3’d it so I’m happy to be back at it, new gloves and all! Resisting crappy food has been a bit more of a struggle when I don’t enjoy what the cafe has offer so gotta get my rear in gear!

Furthermore…I’ll be dying my hair again quite soon 😀 Stay tuned!