So if you hate Taylor Swift you might as well re-direct your eyes since I’m going to brag for two seconds on the ingenious music of her latest album.


Love Her or Hate Her you have to admit that at least one song from her 5 albums has had you humming at some point in time or the other.Yes she writes about her ex-boyfriends (kudos to her for making money doing so), yes she’s not Christina Aguilera but her voice is good at best. She is a great role model for girls, an evolving artist, intellectual business woman, and knows how to make a hit, and 1989 is an awesome album.

Taylor Swift Epic 1989 Times Square Concert On GMA

I wasn’t a big fan of “Shake it Off”, minus a drunk night with girlfriends but I was willing to giver her new take on music a shot and it has not disappointed. It has amazing, electric beats, and fabulous lyrics I’m sure most people will quote for the better part of 2015. So there’s my rant, I’m a Swiftie and I’m proud of her for setting new sights and heights for herself as an artist, there’s few female artist in the game who can say they do it so effortlessly.

Fav. Songs worth hearing:

2. Blank Space (latest single)- awesome video


8. Bad Blood (my anthem for all the doubters and haters)

9. Wildest Dreams

10. How You  Get The Girl


“I’ve got that red lip classic thing that you like”

Well hello November-and by hello I mean a fond farewell since December is licking at its heels!


My first semester of graduate school is nearing its end and while its been fun I’m actually very excited to see what spring time will bring me (yes I know I’m a nerd thinking of future classes versus winter break). I feel like I have learned so many new things in terms of strengths and weaknesses with my writing in just this first semester. I can’t wait to see what a full year will shape my writing into.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, I have been and will be spending much of Christmas break re-writing the 100 pages I came into grad school with changing the POV (point of view) from 1rst person to 3rd person. After conferencing with my teachers we decided this was the best direction for the story and the characters since it develops over a three year period. Changing POV allows more dynamic and diversity with my characters so while I’m excited since I have been experimenting with this lately it does require a different mind set than what I had created originally.

My weekend’s have been full of fun activities with my co-hort from braving the cold on Halloween with my trio or spending game night’s indulging on  wine. I love being in different situations where we get to see different aspects of each other outside of our classroom writing.  Whether it’s discussing pop culture, writers, personal woes, Chicago,my co-hort is full of such interesting people and I’m happy to call them my friends.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and though I’m not going home to Texas,I will be spending it with my writing family here in Chicago in what we have dubbed “Co-Hortsgiving”. Good fun, friends, and company is all you need sometimes to make a holiday when you’re void of family so I’m looking forward to my Chicago style Thanksgiving.

Has it snowed yet? Nope. I got teased with some flurries that I documented on my snapchats (dezij) but no REAL snow yet. I am fully prepared though with winter mittens, gloves, jackets, and boots so I hope I can see a white holiday before I head home to Texas in December. That arrival is roughly a month away where I will bounce between San Antonio and Killeen for a good month in a half.


I’m excited to have break to not only catch up with friends & family, but to get in some leisurely reading and writing (yes I’m a nerd I know). Other than that I’m trying to brave the elements and survive these weather changes that are destroying my allergies. I thought SA was bad, but nope this is much much worse, I’m sipping soup and tea as I speak.

I hope your November treats you well 🙂