So I didn’t get the chance to discuss my latest internship adventure for 2015, but while I kill two birds with one stone I will now.


I am currently working for the Spring 2015 season with unite4:good foundation. It is a foundation that works with non-profits and charities. It focuses on bringing kindness and positivity to others on a global scale through social media, and news. My job is writing/reporting on newsworthy articles and people who reflect what the foundation represents. The foundation has worked with some of the biggest and worldwide campaigns and orgs worldwide helping to spread their message and I’m very excited to be apart of something that is very dear to me and that is giving back to others.

So for February we are working on “Spreading the Love”. I am looking for people, organizations,campaigns, projects. Anything being done in the name of love: example love of animals, anti-bullying (love for another), self-esteem, community based love. how love is impacting the a group or community.

I will have to conduct an interview/obtain  pictures from my source and then it will launch to a massive online community in February through the unite4:good website! I have always been fortunate when writing to really showcase great young people doing amazing things. The world doesn’t get enough positivity or positivity from young people, but when I get the chance to put great individuals changing the lives of others I grab the chance! Now this is the online portion of it, but the hardcopy magazine is sold in local retail stores like Barnes & Noble!



Meanwhile Back at Mama’s….


Well hello there!

First of all Happy New Year—>2015 is not going to be “new year,new me” instead I like to think of “new year, continually striving to make my goals a reality me.”

So I have been home in the great state of Tejas 5 weeks! 1 week to go as of tomorrow, after Jan. 19 I’m officially back to my Chicago wonderland, that is now in snow…finally! (I was very upset it did not snow while I was there in December, my inner Christmas Crazy wanted a ‘white Christmas’. Alas, I know I have a full winter to look forward to, but it’s not the same as it would be in December.)

Being home has been a fun, relaxing break and am thoroughly amped and ready for my season back in Chicago. There’s something about coming back home to my friends and family I missed out on in the “homesick” way I never felt in going to UTSA. My appreciation for them has increased and getting to spend time together and unwind with those who know me best has been a relief from being in the big city.

I find myself missing Chicago though just because I have been blessed with great classmates that I am friends with, good job (and co-workers) and my super awesome roomie. Those people have been an vital part of this new chapter I’m building in my life and career. I’m as excited to share those stories and adventures with people I love here as I am telling them in Chicago about life in Texas. Funny how that works, 2 alternate lifestyles that make up me but I couldn’t picture co-existing in one place.


Not to say I’m a different person in Chicago, but being home and around the same environment and people whether by choice or not has made me reflect on just who I am as a person and where I want my life to be. Even more important being home who I want to be apart of that life.

Distance makes or beaks relationships.Being away really showed me on the 2 way street who cared to keep that alive. The same could be said for people on the other end of my relationships, but I can say I have kept contact with everyone that I wanted to. Whether through blogging, snapchat, texts, letters, and Skype–I make a valiant effort to keep communication flowing. I guess being home and on limited time, I knew I couldn’t see everyone since it was holiday time, but I also told myself I would make a valiant effort and I did.

I got disappointed reaching out or making plans with people and it either didn’t pan out or it wasn’t really reciprocated. Which is fine, life has changed a lot, little, and not so much for some people I call friends. Being away for 4 months can put distance there, but I did get butt hurt more than a few times, I can admit. It sucks being home and really wanting to spend time with people and you just can’t or they don’t want to.

And to those that made time out of their busy schedules or around their time to hang out with me even once, thank you. Seeing friendly faces of my sisters and those I call my close friends means the world to me. Some I’ve gotten to see more than once, so even better for us. Little things like that mean a lot to me, and those who knew me know I hold my friendships close to the heart. I’ll move heaven for them. Always will. You gave me great memories to keep me warm in Chicago, (4th quarter, graduation weekend, cooking,6th street, bowling,lazy couch days, Korean eatery, candlelight tea house). Mostly sitting down and having great conversations and catching up.

Going into 2015 and living away now I know people grow a part, it’s just life. Marriages, relationships, babies, or just their own life things all play into that, and no ill will is held on my account, I may get hurt, but never mad. Sometimes the two confuse or rearrange themselves for me, but I’m sensitive so it’s usually just being hurt.

I have a week left and I plan to make it a good one with between going to San Antonio for the last time and being in Killeen. I’ll end the weekend ushering in my Mom’s birthday and Alyssa’s graduation party and then I’m back on the plane. I’ll be back in San Antonio for my little’s wedding in April and after that I really can’t say. I have big plans going on career wise and my summer is a big question mark of what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be going in a good way. But I can say it doesn’t involve Texas, not now.

**Small exception being a visit to Houston since I did not get to follow through with a visit due to my lowly grad student budget now (sorry nicole and nancy!)

Here’s to 2015 and all it will bring me and all it has brought me. Another year of amazing memories, trips, friendships, and blessings await me, CAN’T WAIT.