Dream Chasers—-Check Em’ Out


Whether I call them friend, family, acquaintance, or sister…these are quite extraordinary individuals who are making waves through their voices, art, ideas, or just their personalities and who they are in the world. Hats off to you guys for the grind and hustle you put in on the daily to keep working towards making the dream a reality.


Loudpack Threads: “Established in 2013 Out of Killeen, Texas by Christopher Bouie and Tyrone Sanders, we are an up and coming clothing brand dedicated to providing unique and high quality urban clothing. One city at a time we are truly aiming to make our brand a Global movement!”



Neidra Lemon- an AMAZING dancer out of california now living in California! She not only owned her own dance studio in Killeen,Texas, but was just signed Bloc Talent Agency in Los Angeles!



Anali Martinez- former UT graduate and KDCHI alumni who started her own blog focused on discussing what being a “Nueva Latina” means in today’s current generation. Lots of great blog posts geared at professionalism, education, social issues, and fitness



The Wirx- “Follow ART, no matter where, it’s upon us.” Great inspiration focused on artistry and music from Johnathon Bond. He also does graphic design and producing.



Daniel Quintanilla- He found his love for writing and never stops. Not for a single bit. Check out his blog for motivation and advice on who to succeed when the world tries to blow out your candle.



Vero  Marie- Multi-faceted artist, writer and model who is breaking barriers both on the runway but as a public health advocate!

(look her up on facebook or instagram)


Lori Lopez- A beautiful  fashion and lifestyle blogger in the wonderful city of San Antonio,Texas. Her outfits are styled in a unique way that radiates on the screen.



Beats By Peabody- an amazing producer who originated from Dallas,Texas over to San Antonio and is now living it up in Florida! Give him a listen on his youtube channel.



Dietrich Dudley- up and coming rap artist who is killing the game in Texas before he starts making the rounds with expansion! Here’s the most current review for his most recent album release.



Raymond Deeren- Shout-out to my fellow cohort member in Chicago. He’s an awesome fiction writer who has been making big waves publishing this past summer. And he is probably one of the most supportive people I know when it comes to encouraging others in their writing.



Rah Shareef Jr.- a wonderful producer currently in Chicago and creating dynamic beats and mixes for new artists. His sound cloud offers a great array of his own talents as well as the musically gifted folks he works with.


Coast 2 Coast Greek Apparel- Fellow alumni of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. just launched his latest business in greek apparel. If you’re looking for great designs and merchandise send him an email!



The Motto: Aspire to Inspire

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Good Sunday evening to you!

I hope your weekend has treated you well and you have had a well deserved lazy sunday funday. I most assuredly have enjoyed my time that was well spent with family and friends. A little laying around with my baby sis, nice visit to ATX which was then followed by a nice hangover–not so much. I had a good relaxing week, took a few days off from everything it feels like, threw responsibility and caution out the window.

I know. Yes. Me, the organizer who likes to maintain control of all things in my life just let it all hang out. Had some crazy food, ditched workouts, danced my butt off in ATX, and just said yes to  all things fun. And it was nice. I’m very strict in my daily routines, or have been that sometimes I feel like a robot. I can literally predict my Monday-Thurs to a T. But that’s life right? We all have a schedule to maintain, bosses to answer to, dinner to eat, punch out the clock and restart the day. However; we all need to take a break from life sometimes, or life as we know it, if we can afford that small luxury to give ourselves.


Have the ice cream, call-in to work if you can afford to and take your “me” day. Go take a quick trip, just get  away for a bit, and when you come back,you’ll feel a bit more invigorated.Don’t underestimate the power of a quick trip and what it can do for your sanity.

I was in Houston last weekend for less than 24 hours and the same with ATX this past weekend. And it was glorious time spent. I love my gal-pals so much. The ladies who have been there from day one, many for years now, and just catching up, having a drink, dinner, and enjoying each other’s time. The ladies I can let my hair down with and just breathe a bit. Those moments, those people are my dose of red bull I need to get myself back in line or perspective. Shout out to you all, can’t wait to see you in September for NOLA! I’m lucky enough to have an amazing best friend, but I’m just as thankful that I have such amazing girlfriends who come hell or high water support each other.


Never undervalue your friends. Pick up the phone, send a text, snapchat, whatever, you’d really be surprised how much it brightens someone’s day. We as a society have 2 types of motto’s either your the lone wolf trying to stay on top, or you have your “squad” of people who support each other as you all combine the balancing act of struggle and success.  Some of us can manage both, other’s can only manage one. But never take those who support you for granted, “thank-you” goes a long way.

I’ve always told people outside of my crazy celebrity nuisanced self, my friends are my biggest inspiration. Especially my girlfriends…so it poses the question–who inspires you? what inspires you? what gives you life?


It’s been on my heart this past summer to also give “credit where credit is due” to quote Drake if I may. You can never knock someone’s hustle at our age. Young people with a voice who are working to improve themselves and sharing their ambition with others. People who make it happen. As an artist I have that much more respect for people who put themselves out there and brave the odds, take a chance. And it’s hard to put yourself out there on a daily basis, leaving yourself open to rejection and judgement, but these talented individuals do it so well. When I’m getting lost sometimes, looking at how they strive helps me to ground back where I’m headed and what it takes to get there.

Young People have always been a personal passion of mine and whether big or small I wanted to spotlight some amazing I know who you should definitely a) be on the lookout for b) support and checkout because these are your leaders of tomorrow. Who knows maybe they will inspire you! My life’s motto has always been “aspire to inspire” and these are some people who inspire me :D——> Check out the separate post I’m making *Keep up the good work guys, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Tell me what you like, what you want,…it’s okay.”

Oh June-July-Summer- Texas.


It has been a wild adventure. I’m not even done yet and I can say that this has been a whirlwind summer so far. Between reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and just living life this has been a summer.

Being home, like home with family has had it’s challenges. I couldn’t sugarcoat that any other way, and I’m sure adults living amongst parentals know what I’m talking about. Your trying to find a balancing act between being a grown-up and making your own educated decisions and respecting their territory. It’s this interesting dance you do, maneuvering, twisting,and turning until both you and the parental can find the right steps to put you both at ease. So it’s taken a few stepping on of both their toes and my own, but we’re getting a good tango going on. This tango, quickstep, whatever your dancing preference has helped me learn more about me in the scheme of adult world more than I thought it would.


I think being home, no matter how resilient to it I was at first has proved to be a roundabout dose of exactly what I needed. Maybe, well just maybe.

The older you get the more you think you have it all figured out until you find out you don’t and your forced to reorganize your brain otherwise. I don’t think anyone has surprised me more than me these past few months. I’ve found myself in so many new situations and experiences that have tested my own sensibility. More often than not I’ve found myself being more of a ‘yes man’ than anything and that has and hasn’t always worked out so well in my favor.

I’ve really been working outside of my own conventions and ideals and doing things for the first time. Gosh I’ve had so many first time desiree situations happening since like April and I found myself at times going, what are you doing? But really? But then I realize it’s okay. I’m in this stage now where I’m into less beating myself up about things outside of my control, or things better yet in my control I chose to do anyway and am just like ___OKAY.


Being OKAY with things could be some development from Chicago and adjusting to a new lifestyle/friends/environment, or it could just be a product of ushering in a new wave of self-assurance I didn’t have before. NO ONE can be your biggest cheerleader or critic like YOU. And lord knows I can tear myself a new one when I really just do things outside of my character. But I stopped doing that. I stopped beating myself up for choices I make because I learned I don’t have to answer to anyone for that but ME. So _____ didn’t work out—> OKAY, well what did you learn from it? Well I learn A) B) C) D). I learned that I don’t like ____. ____ isn’t for me.

It’s an interesting snuggie blanket to be in, being OKAY with stuff. Reflecting and tapping myself on the back to move on with it. I used to dwell a lot, and I like everyone else have my ghosts, the lingering thoughts that creep into my thoughts at night, but that’s different from the events that transpired lately. I believe____ and that’s okay, or I don’t believe____ and that’s okay too. I’m becoming content in my okay, and I like that. Now don’t get me wrong, my moral compass hasn’t gone so askew that I don’t recognize right and wrong, cause I do. And I can admit that some of my choices blur the grey line between those at times. Sometimes my intent didn’t follow through like I hoped, or it does follow through and I’m in a limbo. That’s okay. I’m learning.


I’m learning to own my choices and not be so apologetic, or better yet apologize, but to the right people. Me being that person and of course another party if they were involved.

I’m learning more about the commitments I make to myself and others and how to execute those, and when they don’t work…what’s the alternative? Can it be fixed? Let me find an alternative. Cause I believe in options and there’s always an option.

So thanks Summer 2015 so far for your graciousness and unforgettable moments. Your not over yet and I’m ready to keep embracing what you throw my way, and if it doesn’t work…well, that’s Okay.

ps. I’m going to work on posting more, it’s been awhile. My bad guys.