Ending 2015 #whatliftsyou


So its been awhile, I mean a really long while since I posted a blog post on here.
Life to say the least was fleeting for me this semester. I would love to rant, roast and tell you the gory details, but I instead want to turn the conversation to a brighter note.
Leave the 2015 on a higher platform because that’s where I am at now. I am in a better place physically,  mentally,  spiritually and emotionally than where I had left off back in September.

September was busy, whew that was a crazy month, but I discovered a wonderful artist back in September that set me on a path of self-reflection with a simple statment. What lifts you.

I stumbled upon Kelsey Montague through random instagram posts where I saw these beautiful,  intricately drawn murals she leaves in random parks and venues all over the world in the hopes of inspiring people.

Crazy concept right? With three words and a stencil she creates a message of hope for her audience. She travels all over doing this for a living, leaving her mark like a footprint in the sand.

I dragged my best friend’s to see one of her murals in New Orleans and after 30 minutes trekking in the sun it was worth it. A lovely birthday gift I’d been set on obtaining for my eyes and camera.


In New Orleans I was happy to share my wings with my best friend because she’s lifted me up since the day we met over 10 years ago.

I began following Kelsey on social media and checking to see where she was going to be creating murals at next. When I was in San Diego with my boyfriend we failed at finding her gaslamp mural, but I’ll forever be grateful for the 1 hour drive he spent looking with me in downtown San Diego.

Now when I got to see she was drawing murals to leave in San Antonio I was escatic and my mom made the trip with me to uncover her latest gems in downtown.




As she continues creating and traveling  (hopefully in Chicago soon) I look forward to following her path and letting her message inspire me. As a fellow artist wanting to make my own mark and fumbling through grad school to create art worth leaving behind I will never forget to remind myself of What Lifts Me to begin with.

So here’s to ushering in a new year and being thankfuk, grateful and blessed for the opportunities, friends and family I have had behind me.  i challenge you to question WhatLiftsYou and are you living for it?

Check out Kelsey Montague and follow her on instagram.



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