Before You Die

The Before You Die Mural was one of the most powerful murals I got to bear witness to this fall 2015. It posed the simple question that required it’s audience’s to fill in the blank with chalk scattered around the board. Me and my friends happened to uncover this by chance driving in San Antonio.





As I did more research into what this mural was I discovered this was one of thousands of murals around the world. The answers posted by its writer’s ranged from long life dreams ,promises,  careers, and everything in between.  My own sister posted wanting to meet her fictional husband John Snow from Game of Thrones. (We can all dream.)

In my research I found out the original mural was created in New Orleans and happily found it after much sweating and panting with my girlfriends.


To be honest this questioned has always been at the forefront of my brain since I have many career/travel aspirations I want to do. Something felt so finite about setting that in stone and proclaiming it in a public setting. There’s a fearless wonder I had in doing that and sharing it with my friends. Have I met that goal yet in 2015? Not yet, but I do plan to execute it to my fullest extent in the coming year.

Check out the story behind the mural:


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