The Stanford Prison Experiment: RedBox Rent

When I first saw the trailer for The Stanford Prison Experiment I was blown away by the concept that a role play situation enacted by college students at somewhere prestigious like Stanford University could really go awry.


I immediately drew interest at the idea of control/power and if the roles of power were assigned/taken away as the experiment suggested what this unearths beneath the surface of the human psyche. I recently had the opportunity to watch the film via Redbox and found myself horrified and entranced at this real life experiment enacted by the students. What was even my more disturbing was finding a bridge between this and my own experiences in Greek Life as an undergrad- though I will not share that at this time. I can say from experience though that there is a distinct level of change that occurs when you are the aggressor with power and the victim in which the power is enacted upon.

The creator and professor of the project Phillip Zimbardo, even shares his real life camera footage/ documents of the study on his website. Check this film out- it not only gives an interesting insight into the prison world, but makes you reflect on your idea of power and what you would do with it.


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