“Mark my words, that’s all that I have”


My Oh My so much has occurred since the last time I blogged on here. In my second year, second semester of graduate school I finally feel like I’ve gotten back to my happy place of writing and generating material. And material that doesn’t just limit itself to my Fiction, but I’ve tapped into my Non-Fiction side in sharing some of my experiences on EliteDaily.com

I was first selected to be a contributing writer for them in late December and couldn’t really ask for anymore from the experience than what it has provided me thus far and that’s a whole can of LEARNING. Learning for me, my readers, and my loved ones in terms of the exposure this has given my writing.


First of all let me say I want to thank everyone who has read and supported my latest writings with EliteDaily.com, when I say it meant the world that you shared, commented, and took the time to read it means alot. From acquaintances, sisters, Greek life, and family, the support was amazing. It’s nice to have that because I will never be able to sit here and tell you graduate school has been nothing less than how I describe undergrad–a big learning experience.

For those of you who know my undergraduate experience you’re familiar with my many lessons on personal growth, strength, and really being a Phoenix to myself after many blunders that occurred over the years. Grad life is no more glamorous, and don’t let me being in Chicago fool you. While I’d love to tell you all the lessons learned thus far- what I really want to say  is that being in Chicago puts me at a different disadvantage sometimes for support with loved ones. I do have the support of an amazing writing community and staff, and close friends here in Chicago, but there’s nothing like home. So thank you everyone.


It was certainly a big surprise getting published because I spent the better part of January getting rejection after rejection. That was part of the reason I didn’t publicize being a contributor for the site because I was amassing too many rejections and not a single promising article that I could boast on. Being a contributing writer does not equal a ton of articles- it’s getting the opportunity to submit articles and seeing if the editors like any. Writing for a specific platform like EliteDaily requires me to alter some of my writing and voice to suit their style and readership so needless to say I did not hit that on the 1rst, 2nd, or even 3rd try.

In accordance with those rejections what I chose to write about varied from general materials to personal stories which you got a good blend of from both articles published. One was pretty general and the other was highly personal. To be honest with you, I had been so used to seeing the “Rejection” sign under an article I got to a point where I was writing just to write and had even forgotten I submitted some material altogether. Not the best idea I know–that was a lesson to take forward. To keep my drafts I submit so if they are published I will know what I wrote and what is edited/formatted for the published content on the site.

The other was learning my boundaries and the boundaries of others with the specificity of things I wrote. It’s easy to forget at times that others aren’t as comfortable being in the public eye as I am, so checking with whomever I choose to write on is important and will save me a many headaches. Writing about anything and everything has always been a way I express myself. Whether it was a diary, myspace blog, or facebook post of this blog, I have left an extensive scrapbook of my thoughts over the internet. I didn’t choose the writer life, it chose me. I firmly believe that is what God has me on this earth to do.


Whether that’s through my Fiction (currently in-progress) or Non-Fiction like EliteDaily.com where I can share my experiences on a larger platform, or blogging where you just get more of my reflections. I have no doubt of what I want I’m here to do. I did for a bit, I had a professor who truly made me question my existence as a writer, and I had interesting journey finding my way back to my roots. I am once again writing a many articles to submit and hoping something catches the attention of the editors once again to publish. I plan to diversify my topics because there’s far more important things I have to say that doesn’t limit itself to my love life, even on a platform like EliteDaily.

I don’t take the opportunity lightly and I hope to keep the traction going shake up the literary community by sharing my experiences, as I have always done and always will  do. Is it easy? No. Are there days I want to shut my brain off? Hell Yeah. Am I going to give up? Never.

*I promise to blog more, it’s really my favorite. Grad school is just all consuming right now.

If you want to keep up with what I get published on EliteDaily.com here’s my profile with what will soon have mannyyyyyy articles. (Fingers Crossed)




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