Cause everything’s different this time


So first off, I wanted to say thank you.

I have received so much support in the past few months from family, friends, sisters, and acquaintances with my various writing projects/blogging endeavors. When I write I’m hoping just to express my sentiments, thoughts, beliefs, reflections on my life and the fact it’s being so well received, shared, and supported gives me an immense amount of joy.

Summer thus far has been very, very busy for me. I’m juggling 2 jobs, writing for Swirl Nation/ The Tempest, starting my editorial internship (Curbside Splendor)- guest blogging (Mixed Root Stories-coming soon) and still adding more to the bucket- believe it or not.

Spring was very exhausting for me in all aspects of my life and I told myself when summer came around I would be not be lounging but attacking it. I figure I can sit back and enjoy mimosa’s when I graduate in December-but until then I’m going to make the most of my time-even if that means being busy 24/7.


If you follow my snapchat’s you have seen I’ve recently taken up biking for the summer- AND I LOVE IT. I was not here last summer for this magical Chicago season I here so much about and I’m loving our weather. Outside of the occasional rain shower that disrupts my allergies, it’s gorgeous. Summer/Fall has become my favorite time period here and I really am enjoying the lens of Chicago from a bike.

It sounds cheesy but everything is so beautiful looking from the ground up- and it’s a nice start to my day in the AM/ end of my evening when I leave work. If you have the chance to bike in your area I highly encourage it- it’s a nice way to observe your surroundings and give yourself a little workout.


I’m building back my strength mentally, physically, and spiritually which I’m also loving as I’m diving into reading, coloring, and really getting a better understanding of other ways to express myself.

What I’m really loving about this “moment” as my lovely Courtney calls it is that I did something different with my break-up energy I hadn’t before…and that’s used it tap into my inner badass. I told myself fine, it didn’t work out and I can be sad about that-and I have been, but I’m not going to live in those feelings and let them consume me.


In the past, I swam in my sadness- and it manifested in my body, spirit, and overall energy that made me a crabby pants. I told myself NO this time around. You’re going to be busy, get s*** done, take chances, explore Chicago and hustle the crap out of your writing. I’m kind of in love with my busy right now. I’m developing deeper/new friendships with fellow classmates, working outside of my comfort zones, and really working to enhance all aspects of my career so when I graduate in December I’m gonna be guns blazing.

Courtney calls it channeling my “Inner Beyonce” which originally was inspired by many of my girlfriends I saw kicking ass in education, work outs, and just their own creative endeavors- Being BOLD-UNAPOLOGETIC-and FEARLESS in their selves I find so admirable

S/O to (Ashley/Marta/Tanisha- Veronica G./Jasmine/ Anali-Kylie/Daisy/Negesti)


It’s barely the start of June and I cannot wait to share (crossed fingers) what could be the biggest game changer/collab/partnernship I could have at this point in my career- and if I get to make that leap- sky is officially the limit.

Thank you for supporting me and here’s to seeing some of you in Chicago in the next few months, in NOLA come August- or everywhere in between (Skype/Snapchat).tumblr_n05g1eyhZV1s0xjvpo1_500

What I’m listening to right now: Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’ & Fifth Harmony’s 7/27