A little grocery 101

So I thought for today’s post I’d share some of my food straight from the grocery bag for you. The hardest part of staying healthy for me has always been my eating.  I’m a notorious stress eater, it was my downfall in undergraduate and I was determined not to make the same mistake in graduate school.


For many of us food can be a struggle sometimes, especially because we like good food and healthy food gets a bad rap for not being good. Now is it as yummy as a greasy burger and fries, stacked nachos, handmade tacos, or some chinese. Of course not. (Sorry if I made you hungry). Don’t despair, there are alternatives.

One of the most important things when choosing to be healthy is learning what kind of eater you are, what your triggers are and what healthy substitutes you can find. I’ll go into the types of eaters later on in a different post.

I like salty and crunchy foods. Pickles, popcorn, chips,  if it crunches I eat it. So its important for me to grocery shop according to that so I don’t go feening for a corner store at 11pm. I love to meal prep so I cook everything fresh and pack it away for the week separated between lunch, dinner, and my snacks.

Meal prepping is a task, but the 2-3 hours I spend makes it all worth it when i have a guaranteed meal everyday while at school. Being a working  student doesn’t allow me much time to search for food between classes and my job so this keeps me from spending money at the few food shops around our campus. My wallet and stomach are happy.

Hope this generates some new cooking ideas for you. Stay tuned as I keep posting on my blog about my gym routine and eating..


Fresh veggies like kale, zucchini,  tomatoes, mushrooms, and avocado are a MUST for my side dishes. These are a few of the many vegetables I play around with to accompany my meals.


I always cook my chicken either filets or breast i buy in a pack and bake them for the week. I also use turkey patties for turkey burgers and fish when the budget will allow it.


Here are some assortment of my snacks: Pita chips, hummus, carrots, almonds, kind bars, seaweed and frozen cherries. A little snack, a little crackle and pop that I can put in ziploc bags and munch on throughout the day.


I always cook with lemon and olive oil in my side dishes, baking, and with quinoa. Quinoa is a little gem I discovered with my first personal trainer as a substitute for rice and bread. It has a mild nutty flavor and can be served hot, cold in salads and even for morning oatmeal. Quinoa is life. Whatever main dish I have, I almost always serve it with a side of quinoa and veggies.