Well hello there! If you’re reading this then you know me or are curious to say the least..and if you don’t let me make my acquaintance with you, my name is Desiree.

I’m a Texas-Raised young lady who is living through my second year of graduate school pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago.

I’m a lover of books, reading,writing, adventure, traveling, and while I have published various magazine articles (NSIDE Publications, Study Breaks Magazine), and short stories featured in: (Sagebrush Review, The Rivard Report) My dream/career goal is to be a published author of Young Adult Fiction.

Youth fascinates me, and no I don’t mean the social media/non communication technological based generation we have now, I mean the teenage process of growing up, falling in love, finding your place, the first time experiences that are often heightened by puberty in settings like High School. Given that my own first time experiences had a profound effect on my life and I truly believe they do, that the choices we make in that tender stage of growing up really can influence our future, I am enamored with the prospect of sharing those life lessons and experiences with others.

Coming from a bi-cultural ethnic background and having nothing but culturally blended and mixed relationships from my best friends and families to the boyfriends I’ve had, the sense of identity and identifying yourself within that racial mix is something I plan not only to incorporate in my writing, but to share with others who struggle and strive to accept who they are and how we are viewed in society.

So now that you know a little about me, I hope you enjoy reading my post and taking this new journey with me to Chicago where I not only plan to develop as writer and eventual published author,but as young adult transitioning into adulthood.


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