Kevin Hart- Your next Gymspiration

If you haven’t heard of Kevin Hart- I urge you stop, drop, and roll your cursor right over to Netflix or Hulu and look at the his many stand up bits or movies. He is hilarious. A true entertainer, and our generations Jim Carey/Bernie Mac/ you name a comedian and he is it. Kevin Hart has boomed into Hollywood commanding the attention of talk show hosts, celebrities, movies, and most recently Nike.

You’re probably scratching your head and thinking a Comedian and Nike- WHAT? Is he an athlete? No. Is he committed to fitness and inspiring his fans? Yes. Over the course of 2015 he worked with Nike for #RunwithHart #MovewithHart where he held a running even in major cities across the country to inspire fitness in his fans. If you ever scroll across his instagram you will see many  crazy awe inspiring workouts he does where he pushes himself and his followers to be committed to excellence.

Last nigh on Jimmy Fallon he announced Nike will be giving him his very own cross training shoe that will be coming to stores in April of this year. So if you ever need some fitspiration and a good laugh check out Kevin Hart- taking the world by storm.