When I fell in love with…Boxing

So a few years ago back in Texas I challenged myself to find new ways to workout. I wanted to be pushed and out of my comfort zone so I took up boxing. Boxing requires a lot of cardio and coordination, so why not? I started with bag classes and then worked my way up from there over the years.  Boxing is one of my favorite ways to work out because it requires discipline and focus. Since I’m stressed out probably at least 70% of the time it’s nice to get my headspace somewhere that’s not revolving around money,school, or the cold outside in Chicago.

I love my gym because my trainer Ben and boxing Coach Tony always push me to fight harder and give me more challenging exercises when we work 1-on-1. The video is a sample of mitt work we do in class. As you can see I have to stay on my toes because I don’t want to get hit- and don’t think it doesn’t happen, I’ve caught a few blows to the head when I’m not paying attention.

Try something new, many gyms whether boxing, martial arts, yoga, etc offer a free class. It could be something you end up incorporating in your routine. Don’t be intimidate either by being the “only one,” whose brand new or doesn’t know what their doing. A great gym will welcome you in with open arms and make you feel at ease. And hey many of my friends can tell you on occassion I got them to come workout with me and try some boxing classes at some point in time or the other.